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Wuxi Murata Electronic Co., Ltd.
Country/Area: Japan
Business Scope: Ceramic filter

Total Investment: USD 176 million
Investor: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Registered Capital: USD 61 million
Investment proportion: 100%
Foundation Year: Year of 1995
Factory/Lot. No.: Lot123-125
Main Production: Ceramic filter, variable resistance
General Manager: Lin Yinke
Tel: 5282111
Tel: 5281136
Brief Introduction of Company:

    Wuxi Murata Electronic Co., Ltd. is the second production base in China after Beijing Murata Electronic Co., Ltd. was founded. It locates at Wuxi New District and provide thoughtful technical service and fast production supply for China electronic information industry. In December 1994, Murata got the business license from state industrial and commercial administration bureau. In June 1995, Murata signed the land use right transfer contract with WSIP. In November 1996, the factory started into production. In December 1998, PTC thermal resistor obtained TTCC certificate. In May 1999, Murata obtained ISO9002 quality certificate. In January 2000, Murata obtained ISO14001. In January 2001, it increased total investment USD 57 million and registered capital 19 million. The main products of Murata are khz ceramic filter, mhz ceramic filter,focus adjustor, variable resistor, variable condenser, AC filter, PTC thermal resistor. These products are mainly used in communication, computer, office equipment and household appliances.

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