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Seagate Technology International(wuxi)Co.,Ltd.
Country/Area: USA
Business Scope: design, production and sales of  computer file and other system component, development and after-sales of computer software.

Add: Lot 102&103&105&106&112&113&101 of WSIP
Establish Year: March 15, 1995
Registered Capital: USD 12 million
Total Investment: USD 30 million
Investment Company: Seagate Technology International Co., Ltd.
Personnel No.:10000
Tel.: +86(0)-510-85278888
Fax: +86(0)-510-85272022
Website: http://www.seagate.com

Brief Introduction of Company:

    Seagate Technology is the world leader in disk drives and storage devices, disc and read-write head and it is also the hard disk supplier of IBM, COMPAQ, SONY, etc.. And Seagate is one of the earliest brands which entered into China market.

    Revolution of Digital world

    Seagate was established in the Year 1979 and it was the first company which only made 5.25 inch hard disk. Although it was a small step of Seagate, actually it promoted the reform of PC industry and changed the world greatly. Suddenly, people can
store and retrieve data rapidly and conveniently in an unprecedented way, obtain massive information and promote variety of things to develop such as internet. The prospect of whole computer industry changed dramatically so that computer and digital information has already become part of our life. During the past 24 years, Seagate develop technology and manufacture product continuously and make it reality.

    The world we know today is a world based on information. Every time when you connect internet and enter “send”, do stocking trade, use ATM, watch TV even watch Hollywood movie with special effect, you are creating, obtaining and/or share vast quantities of digital information.

    With the popularity of digital information, Seagate changed the way of our life, work and entertainment continuously and make people and information connection closer. How dose Seagate make everything come ture? The answer is to let people store vast quantities of digital information easier form computer, TV and household internet and let more new consumer eletronics store and gain music, TV program, movie and video game through hard disk. 

    The store product of Seagate is the key point of internet. The requirement of storage capability doubled every 9 months based on the development of internet. In the past, the memorizer is only an equipment of data center. But in the internet world at the present, people hope to store information at any place and any time. Therefore, to let everyone get information is the core business of Seagate.

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