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Mr. Gao Shenghua Surveyed Key Enterprises in WSIP

In the morning of March 20, Mr. Gao Shenghua Member of WND Working Committee, Vice Director of Administrative Committee made a trip of survey Ariston, EPCOS and other key enterprises in WSIP. Related principals of WND Finance Bureau, National Taxation Bureau WND Branch, WSIP Office and Wuxi-singapore Co., Ltd. also accompany with Mr. Gao.


    During the survey, Mr. Gao listened the introduction of order, production operation and market sales of Ariston and EPCOS from respective principals and visited the factory of EPCOS which was still under construction. He pointed out that with the changing of market environment, adjustment of industrial structure and the raise of raw material and labor, the enterprises in WSIP faced new challenge but also new development opportunity. In order to promote enterprises to transform successfully, Wuxi City Government introduced a series of encouragement policies in enterprise R&D, talent introduction and cultivation and domestic market expanding. Enterprises shall adapt to the change of macro economic environment at home and abroad, adjust operation stratagem, strengthen and innovate, improve the technological element of product and market competitiveness.


    Since the low domestic market share proportion of Ariston production, Mr. Gao suggested that Ariston should insist the strategy of keeping stable export share and improving market share in China, adjust company marketing strategy positively, increase the survey of domestic market share distribution, increase the domestic market proportion in similar products especially the proportion in eastern region. At the same time, Mr. Gao also hoped EPCOS could make large order items in Wuxi factory and strive for going into production earlier so that the target which was 30% growth of annual sales volume can be reached. He also required that WSIP should work hard to guarantee the new factory under construction could be completed and be in use in time.

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