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WSIP Carries out “Three Jie Three Promotion”Activity

    In order to promote the spirit of“WND Style and Primary-level Organization Construction Year”, “Three Jie and Three Promotion” and “Hundreds of leaders connect with hundreds of villages (communities), thousands of government officers enter into thousands of families, ten thousands of party members solve ten thousands of problems, in the afternoon of 21st, March, leaders of WSIP led party members to visit Xinzhai Village, Meicun Street and contact the work of “three Jie and Three Promotion”.


    Through symposium, leaders of WSIP had a better understanding of basic situation and facing problems of villages. They discussed and made specific assist program which were visiting old party members, helping families with material difficulties and their children to go to school, voluntary labor. They understood conditions of the people, listened to citizens’ opinion, tried their best to help families with material difficulties. And they hoped this activity can indeed help the citizens.

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