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Wuxi PV Park Visited the 6th SNEC (2012) International PV Exhibition


    The 6th SNEC International PV Industry and Engineering Exhibition was held in Shanghai Putong International Exhibition Center on May 16th to 18th. The Exhibition which attracted many PV expects, professional visitors and PV enterprises not only demonstrate new product and technology of PV industry but also a chance for the global PV powers and expects to have a discussion. As a representative of professional PV Park, Wuxi PV Park organized Suntech, longi Silicon Materials, Wesker Technology and other important PV enterprises to join this exhibition and participate relative conferences. 


    The SNEC which attracted over 2000 exhibitor from 90 countries and regions was led by Chinese Renewable Energy Industry Associationand Shanghai Science and Technology Development Center and co-hosted by 13 international institutions and organizations. The exhibition center which covers 200,000 sqm has a comprehensive demonstration of the global PV industrial chain and the most developed, unique, and social influenced products. It has become the most largest party of PV Industry in the world. Furthermore the SNEC Exhibition also gathered the global top PV expects and scholars such as the father of PV Dr. Martine Green, the CEO of SEIA Mr. Rhone A. Resch and the consultant of the State Council also the chief of Chinese Renewable Energy Industry Association Mr. Shi Ding huan. All the experts and entrepreneurs join the PV consultation to discuss the whole PV industry.


    Wuxi PV Park organized Suntech, Longi Silicon Materials, and other key PV enterprises to take part in the 6th SNEC. The executor of Wuxi PV Park and WSIP attend the Global PV Lead Dialogue and the press conference of the 4th Wuxi CREC and other exclusive events. After that he visited the exhibition stand of Suntech, Longi and Wesker and had a good knowledge of the innovation situation of those demonstrated new products from those companies.

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