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WSIP Implement Positively the Activity of Serving the Hooked Enterprises


   To thoroughly apply the indication of Serving WND Key Enterprises Implementation and better serve the WSIP key enterprises, the chief of the WISP office and company has lead his team to visit the key hooked WSIP enterprises. There WSIP introduce the indication of WND Promote Regional Economy Increase Implementation and timely learn the situation from enterprises and also has a common discussion for drafting the “One Enterprise One Policy” agreement to promote the steady increase of WSIP economy.

    During the hooked enterprises serving, WSIP on one hand lean comprehensively the reason of sale decrease and work hard for solving their problems, on the other hand WSIP advertised the relevant indication of promoting regional economy increase, and mobilized them to integrate their orders, output and sale insider or outside of WND to transfer to WND. Meanwhile WSIP led the enterprises to promote and transfer its production and maximize R&D and innovation, optimize operation method and increase economy profit, and push forward the industrial chain to R&D, design and sale and encourage enterprise to expand investment and setup hi-tech with good market prospective program.  
    During the first quarter of 2012, the enterprises generally have experienced a progress of down and up. Influenced by the foreign macro-economy situation, the order decreased and low operating rated turned up. Things got better on March. Basically the output and sale of the enterprises reverted to the level of the same period last year. Meanwhile according to the predicted statistics of each quarter this year, the key enterprises will continually follow the pattern of fore low, back high and fore four and back six. The key enterprises will achieve more than 10% increase, among which Epcos, ALPS, and Hitach-Maxell are predicted to have a 20% increase, and those increases provide us a good start to fulfill the whole year increase guarantee commitment. Furthermore the serving hooked enterprises implementation has take a good effect. For example Hyber has setup Raylee Medical program to start artificial teethridge manufacture, and ALPS has started iphone accessory product plan, and Donaldson has launched new filtering manufacture for large vehicles, and Sumitomo, Sumiden Powder, KYB and Infineon has implemented capital increase and new production line binging in, and Hitach-Maxell and Panduit are under negotiation to expand their output and capital increase.

    From March on, the operation situation has getting better, but we never take it lightly and insist t the visit to normal enterprises once a month, and key enterprises half a month to normalize the hooked enterprise serve. In the second quarter, WSIP will insist goal to supervise the manufacture situation, and sign the agreement of “One enterprise One Policy” to assure the steady increase and transform and promotion. Meanwhile WSIP will intensify the enterprises supporting service to carry out the negotiated program to start early.

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