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WSIP Introduction

Wuxi-Singapore Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd., the developer and operator of Wuxi-Singapore Industrial Park, was jointly founded by the Economic Development Group Corporation of Wuxi New District and Singapore Sembcorp Industries at the end of Year 1993. The business of the corporation covers the lease of public infrastructure, industrial factory, storage real estate, R&D real estate and enterprises management advisory services. In May 2002, after adjusting the proportion of the share between Chinese side and Singapore side, the registered capital of company reached to USD 86 million, and the total investment reached to 0.258 billion USD; thereinto, Chinese side accounts 51%, Singapore side accounts 49%. Apart from industrial real estate, the corporation and its subcompanies cover the other fields such as scientific real estate, commercial real estate, residential real estate and property management.

WSIP Vision
WSIP sets goal to build international hi-tech industrial park, serve for investors and be the comprehensive operator of the hi-tech industrial park.

WSIP Performance 
Up to the end of Year 2010, WSIP has introduced international enterprises over 90, and realized contracted foreign investment USD 3 billion and the actual paid-in foreign investment USD 2.5 billion. Thereinto, there are more than 30 programs respective beyond USD 10 millions, which including large quantities of hi-tech enterprises such as Suntech Power, Seagate Technology International, Donaldson Filters, Infineon Technology, Panasonic Refrigeration, Murata Electronics, Alps, MTS, and etc. WSIP owns 380,000 ㎡. Meanwhile, the company explores new business model and becomes the first company in Jiangsu Province which does industrial factory financing lease business. WSIP made customization factory over 300,000 ㎡ for Suntech, Longi, Epcos Technology and it will adopt and promote this model to PV Park.

UK Magazine Corporate Measurement ranked WSIP as Top 1 in comprehensive investment environment among 25 famous hi-tech parks in Asian Pacific region for three consecutive years. Party and state leaders Wen Jiabao, Li Changchun, Wu Yi, Li Peng, Li Lanqing, Wei Jianxing, Rong Yiren, Song Jian, etc., visited WSIP and gave high evaluation to it. In October 1997, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, Senior Minister of Singapore, visited WSIP and expressed great satisfaction to the performance.

1. Start Stage (From Year 1994 to Year 2002)
Run by Singapore executives, new concepts of building a high-tech Park, advantageous management methods, and highlighting customer services have been introduced to the Park.
2. Restorative Increase Stage (From Year 2002 to the end of Year of 2006)
The decision-making power was transferred to the Chinese side. Run by Chinese officers, the concern of the Park was transforming from the development of the Park to the operation, dealing mainly with industrial estate development and factories leasing business. The company’s operating performance was improved fundamentally.
3. Transformation Stage (From beginning of Year 2007 to the end of Year 2009)
At the end of 2007, the company was transformed into a joint stock company with equity capital of RMB 0.4 billion. Afterwards the company took part in the projects of Suntech (Wuxi) Photovoltaic Park and Singapore International Park.
In Year of 2010, WSIP stepped into a new stage for “second take-off”:
With the booming of industrial estate, civilian estate and technology estate, the company started new construction area of 300,000 ㎡, newly leased factory area 210,000 ㎡, completion area 160,000 ㎡ in 2010. The investment of the year reached to RMB 1 billion, which exceeded the sum of the former ten years’ investments.

Strategic Target:
With the guidance of scientific outlook of development, WSIP has settled its target which is regarding serving enterprises and operating park as principal line, accelerating development mode transformation and system innovation, achieving the transformation from open economy to innovation economy, making itself a high-tech park driven by two main “engines of growth”, namely advanced manufacturing and modern service industries and ranking top in China development zones according to strategic new industrial scale. WSIP wishes to be a high-tech comprehensive operator which is outstanding in principal works, obvious in advantage and high in profit and the leader of China marketization operation high-tech park.

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